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About The Short Courses

The Healthy Life self-study courses are a selection of short courses to work through at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. 

You will have access to incredible resources, tools, and teaching from experts in nutrition, psychology and long roads of inner-healing and health restoration. 

You were created on purpose and for a purpose. Don't let food, emotions, stress, hormones, health or lack of energy steal from allowing you to live fully alive. 

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What Do I Get In The Courses?

In the Restored Vitality course you will have access to all you need to step into greater wholeness in every aspect of life.

Access To Teaching Material And Resources

You will have access to exclusive teaching, notes and worksheets as well as bonus material and valuable resources. Including practical steps for better nutrition, stress and emotion management and more. 

Step By Step Guide To Living In Freedom

These courses are your introduction to a life of growing in wholeness, freedom and vitality. It won't happen overnight, it is a step-by-step journey. Grab onto the tools you need to live your life fully alive and confident.

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Join our Facebook group where you'll be able to connect with others who have gone through this course, and hear about all the latest from YOUnique Life. We will also share our latest resources and freebies there.

"I feel empowered and informed about my nutrition. Knowing my body's needs and eating accordingly, I have lost 7kgs in 2 months"

Rob, SA

"Chatting to you made me realise that I had no idea about what it meant to love myself... I am having fun getting to really know my body, retraining my mind about what a real treat is, and experimenting with food as fuel for my body, not a comforter or reward."

Ilke, SA

"The link between my eating and spiritual battles was a huge eye opener for me. Especially e.g. coffee being my coping mechanism""

Juanita, SA

"I feel energised and have so much more perspective on what my body needs. I have learned how to nourish and tale care of my body. Not only that, but my quality of life has changed through learning to manage stress and emotions."

Kate, SA

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