About YOUnique Life

After many years of working with many unique people in different spheres of counselling, one of our founders, Kerry Stewart, came to the simple realisation that people are just not the same and should not be treated as such.

People are unique!

Their likes, their gifts, talents, goals, passions, even their weaknesses and strengths are irrevocably diverse.
The big question is, if we are so different on every possible level, wouldn’t our nutritional needs be different too?

Why on earth have we boxed ourselves into a ‘one size fits all’ eating approach or diet mantra based on the success of someone else, or even many other people have had?

We are all unique, and so are our bodies, cells, genetics, eating needs and so on. I think you get the picture we are painting here. No single eating approach or specific diet is going to work for everyone.

We are YOUnique and through our research and experience with people, this is how YOUnique Life was born. 

It is a fact that each person needs to be handled as a one of a kind and with immense care and loving kindness. Wouldn’t it be amazing if each of us was able to truly love and look after our bodies in a way that is unique and best suits our genetic makeup? Well, let the journey begin!

Our aim is to take you on a glorious journey to first of all, discover how to listen to your body’s needs and how to interpret these signals.

Secondly, we would love you to learn how to nourish and restore your YOUnique body back to its original, optimally designed health. 

Kerry's Journey To Wellness

Read more below about Kerry's journey to wellness in her health, mindset and a few practical steps to freedom in food, emotions and more. 

The Grip of Food 

Food, food, food, yes food has pre-occupied my mind for most of my life! Too much, too little, binge eating, not eating in public and being overwhelmed with the plethora of information available to us all.

I have been on a roller coaster ride from crash diets, diet fads, green juices all the way to a point of not giving a care anymore.

Not to mention the string of unhelpful emotions around food that would follow me, shape me, debilitate me, steal freedom from me.

The emotions I encountered on a daily basis were shame, unworthiness, self-hate, self-criticism, rejection, guilt, failure just to mention a few. 

The Waves of Emotion

As these waves of emotions would hit me, I’d step into another crash diet, quick fix, slimming tablet, this kind of unstable solution would be my focus until I could not control the food any more.

In absolute exhaustion from trying to look like someone else I would give up. It is at this point that the shame would weigh heavy on my shoulders, failure would whisper mockery into my ear, self-ridicule and rejection would boil in my heart.

"Failure would whisper mockery into my ear, self-ridicule and rejection would boil in my heart."


Before long I had isolated myself from deep meaningful connections with people. I never really revealed myself to people as I didn’t love myself, so how could they possibly love me? 

I was very critical of others, not intending to be, but after many hard lessons I have learnt that if you are critical of yourself, then you can’t help being critical of everything and anyone else.

In the process you land up destroying what little meaningful relationships you have left.


The Journey to Freedom

So my journey to freedom started with psychology as a major and this amazing woman I met called Janet. In the early years of studying, I started seeing the patterns of my behavior and the emotional strongholds I was entangled in.

Desperate to get free from them, desperate for more to life that this awful cycle of rejection was causing in my life, I took the risk and got help. 

 I encountered freedom like I cannot express. Slowly step by step we started to untangle the thoughts in my head, we started breaking the hold of these emotions and I started to learn how to renew my mind, take my thoughts captive and speak positive, life over myself.


"I encountered freedom like I cannot express as I started to learn how to renew my mind, take my thoughts captive and speak positive, life over myself."

Weight Was Only A Symptom of The Problem

I often thought the food was the problem and I just needed to control it. However, it was on this journey of emotional healing that I discovered food was the symptom of what was really going on in my heart. I wasn’t living in this turmoil of rejection because of the food.

I was in this vicious cycle because I had unhealed rejection in my life and it lead to me walking in these unhealthy patterns. You are what you think! 

I spent 12 years of walking into a fresh road of “inner healing”, renewing my mind, growing emotionally and spiritually and working with many people around me to get set free.

My relationships were getting deep and strong, and I had started to make good, strong friendships, I have learnt to not allow my emotions to dictate my mood or my life. Every day I position myself to grow more, and going from strength to strength in this area.


Yet I Still Struggled With My Weight

 Yet still I struggled with my weight. I didn’t have the emotional reaction I used too, I was just so overwhelmed by all the information, the different eating styles: paleo, banting, vegan, clean and so on, and at this point I realised that  I no longer wanted a diet, I wanted a lifestyle. 

 I didn’t want a lifestyle of the beautiful model on the screen telling me that I should eat celery and carrots with homemade hummus or to eat products that cost an absolute fortune, or to eat meals that my family wouldn’t eat, forcing me to cook two different meals.

No, I wanted to learn how my body functioned and how I needed to feed it. My one and only unique body.



Meeting Jackie

After having 2 kids in 13 months (crazy, I know!), owning a body that had changed so much, I was feeling fat, stretched and sucked dry and I knew I needed to make some changes. 

This is when I met my dear friend Jackie Dutton, who is filled with sound nutrition knowledge and information, and who is inherently gifted with the special ability to read my unique body requirements. We started on this amazing journey of learning how to combine our strengths in inner healing and nutrition to find my unique food lifestyle.


My Deepest Desire 

A lifestyle free from deprivation, self punishment, forbidden foods, and a lifestyle where food is enjoyable and celebrated as it nourishes every cell in my body, giving me life and energy to be me.

I found myself stepping into a new headspace of kindness towards myself, learning to love myself – not loving an idea of what I want to look like, but really, truly loving myself.

Out of A Place of Love 

It’s out of this place of being loved and loving myself that I discovered a confidence to explore my creativity and my gifts.

I have energy, vitality and freedom, real freedom. I live in authentic, rest-filled and glorious peace, peace that is beyond all understanding.

The first step in my journey.... was discovering my value and that I had significance.


May your value and uniqueness be totally unlocked!

My desire as you read through these pages and courses is that not only will you find easy, sound nutritional information but that you will encounter truths that will set you free from the torment of walking in rejection of yourself and others.

My hope is also that you will delve into a new way of being alive in the richness of who you are designed to be.

I hope that as you read through these pages you will encounter a real understanding of your inherent value.

May your value and uniqueness be totally unlocked, and also your ability to dream and walk in the comfort of living in your own skin.

Not chasing a picture of someone else but embracing and loving who you are! Together we aim to unlock your God-given identity, talents and creativity.

We will learn to slow down and to celebrate yourself, and the process of becoming the best woman that you can be, and ultimately the best version of you! I trust you will encounter Truth in these pages. 

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