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How to live out your unique purpose

You’re made differently to every other person, and there will never be another you in the history of time. Even in cultural similarities we might have with other people, we each carry a unique worldview, set of skills, identity and purpose. The purpose you carry can only be outworked by you, the world needs you! Below we explore how to live out your unique purpose, and a few things that might be holding you back.

It starts with understanding who you are and appreciating what you carry. You need to be comfortable in your own skin, no matter who is standing next to you. It’s about skipping the comparison trap and moving into a world of peaceful acceptance. Valuing yourself is not overindulgent, greedy and selfish… it’s about discovering your true self so that you can serve with love and humility.

Read these 53 Bible verses about your identity in Christ

When you start to realise the wonder of your uniqueness, you start to value yourself. It's when you truly value what makes you different, that your purpose make sense too.

What does it mean to value yourself

In a world saturated with an overinflated emphasis on ‘self’, finding out what it means to value your uniqueness and the purpose you carry is a challenge.

To value yourself is to live in freedom and acceptance of the unique characteristics, gifts, skills and interests you have. Valuing how you’ve been made, is also to celebrate and honour the One who made you, by using your gifts and talents to love the world, and to make a difference even just for one person. 

Whether your interests and skills are similar or different to other people, the point is that not one person will carry them out the way you will. When you accept these aspects of who you are, you start to value yourself and what you bring to the table.

When this journey of self-discovery starts, you'll find that you find your purpose and you'll walk in what you were put on earth to do. It'll both excite you and blow your mind. You're made for immeasurably more than you know.

What stops you from valuing yourself? 

Valuing yourself is a journey, there's no one stop shop and it takes time. We all grew up in a world that wanted us to fit into certain moulds, boxes and that tells us how to measure up according to often unrealistic expectations. Once you identify what has been stopping you from understanding and valuing your uniqueness, it'll be easy to peel off the layers and live in the truth of who you are.

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”
― Paul Coelho

Copy and paste from one person to the next

At cellular level you are unique which means that your body and mind function in a way that is unique to you. That is why, what works for one person, such as a specific eating approach, a fitness regime or a specific self-care routine, may not work as well for another. To copy and paste from your Pinterest board, your friend's Instagram account or from those around you, is unhelpful. 

This should give you a sense of excitement, what is it that makes you tick? What food makes you feel your best? Ask yourself questions like this, and you'll soon discover what works best for you. 

Lack of peace in the present 

In order to accept yourself for who you really are, you need to learn how to live in the present moments and find contentment in every season. Don't fear the uncomfortable and use coping mechanisms to escape hard feelings. Acknowledge them, feel them, process them and the grow from them. Life is not perfect, but you can have peace and live in the present without being fearful of what may come in the future. Peace comes in when we learn to give ourselves and others grace and forgiveness. Choose to 'be where your feet are' as author, Hannah Brencher says. 

Media, life experiences and worldview

The world is full of opinions, voices and unrealistic standards of beauty, lifestyle and more. Not understanding how wonderfully you've been made, and that God has his best for you, is where the lies can start to creep in. Have you ever felt unimportant or 'less than' because of someone else's post on Instagram? Do you ever find yourself feeling dissatisfied with the life you have? Part of living out your unique purpose is accepting and learning to love the person you are. Your worldview and other influences do not need to be the most important measures. Follow the leading of a Father who loves you and has great plans and purposes for your life. 

An unhealthy relationship with food

We perceive the concept of yo-yo dieting or jumping from one eating plan to the next, prescriptive meal planning, fad-dieting, restrictive eating approaches as merely a temporary band-aid in an attempt to cover the deep wounds we have kept hidden for so long, the wounds inside that need to be brought to the surface so that healing can take place 

If we do not address the core issues then the food issues will continue to control and shape our lives when really what we long for is freedom. 

Tools for freedom, confidence and purpose

We at YOUnique Life have a deep desire to teach people to really remember and to recognise their deep inherent value so that they can live out the purpose knitted inside their DNA. We believe that it is from that deep sense of recognising the value of self, that springs up a new season of learning to nourish your body, soul and spirit.

YOUnique life is here to help you find that unique life that works for you to provide better health and vitality: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.     



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