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Designed uniquely for a dynamic purpose

value Nov 28, 2020

You have been designed uniquely, wonderfully and beautifully. We challenge you to start loving the skin you're in, instead of struggling to become someone else. 

It has become more and more apparent to me that over the years, we as human beings strive to become more like someone else, rather than being content with ourselves. We pursue the lifestyles, diets and trends that have been set out by other people. Desiring to change our body shape, our facial features as well as our circumstances and the list is endless.

We slowly but surely land up becoming envious of what another person may have whether it is physically, materialistically, or even emotionally. This yearning to be anybody other than who we are, is crippling and damaging. 

There Is Only One "YOU"

However, there is GOOD NEWS. There is only one of "YOU" in this world. Not only is there one of "YOU" now, but there has never been another like you and there never will be again. 

When we grab just a...

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