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The benefits of having a routine

“You only need motivation until a habit is formed. After that, the routine will take care of itself” 

 - Mel Robbins 2018 

Being prepared and having a daily routine helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and helps your body to relax and develop a comfortable and predictable rhythm. The effect of this on your wellbeing is amazing.

Having a routine provides structure and familiarity

The structure is a way of organising your life so that it makes sense to you. When you have established a routine for yourself, you wake up with a sense of ownership, order, and organisation in your life which is empowering and gives you what you need to get everything done. Things may not go as planned every day but certain elements of your routine will keep you grounded in the unexpected times. 

Having a routine reduces anxiety

With the many forms of anxiety and mental health issues in the world today, the best way to counter some of them in life is to get...

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