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Navigating Life: a podcast designed to empower you everyday

If you haven't yet, go and watch the Navigating Life podcast, where we have real conversations about health, lifestyle, confidence, self-worth, purpose, nutrition and hearing God's voice in everyday life. The podcast was born out of many conversations that Kerry and Kate have had over the past few years. The idea behind this podcast series is to share some of those golden nuggets with you, so that you can grow, benefit and be empowered by the testimony, knowledge, life lessons and wisdom we share.

Navigating Life, is about navigating the unique way you were made, and how that works out in your family and purpose. 


What is YOUnique Life?

YOUnique Life was founded through a personal journey of discovery. Through years of counselling and inner healing ministry, Kerry Stewart, recognised that every person is unique. This revelation trickled through into every facet of life, as she began to see how women would focus in on some of the same issues. Most of them relating to...

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