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Simple Wholesome Salads

Did you know that you can create your own, awesome salad which is a completely whole and perfect meal? Our YOUnique Life salad table includes all the nutrients and food groups that your body most needs in order to feel great and it will leave you feeling healthy and satisfied!

You’ll need to choose one ingredient from each group in the carefully selected Perfect Salad table below and throw them together to create your perfect salad. 

The Base The Colour (choose as many as you like) The Protein The Fat The Carb The Dressing
100g Mixed Salad Leaves Carrots 150g Chicken ¼ Avocado 60g Quinoa 15 ml Extra virgin olive oil
100g Spinach Cucumber 150g Grilled Fish 1 Tbsp. Tahini 100g Sweet Potato 15ml Flaxseed oil 
100g Rocket Tomato 150g Lean Meat 1 Tbsp. Hummus 100g Cooked Beetroot 20ml Balsamic vinegar
100g Lettuce Celery 2 eggs 30g Nuts and seeds 100g Cooked Pumpkin Miso paste
100g Kale Red onion 100g Quinoa Wholesome Food Dukka 100g Brown Rice 15ml Sesame oil
  Mushroom 100g Lentils     Fresh ginger
  Cabbage 120g Tempeh     1tsp Dijon mustard
  Courgettes       Lemon juice
  Green beans       Himalayan pink salt
  Peppers       Wholesome Food Dressing
  Steamed Broccoli       Wholesome Food Skinny Dressing
  Steamed Cauliflower        

Tip: Mix and match these ingredients to shake up your salad each and every time. You can also look out on our blog and social media for a delicious Wholesome Food salad dressing recipe coming soon!


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