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3 morning habits that will boost your energy

It is not always easy to get out of bed ready to take on the world. We totally get it, and we know for a fact that if you manage your mornings well with an awesome routine in place, they can slowly become your favourite times of the day. 

Getting a good start to your day is super important, and it doesn't need to be complicated at all. We have 3 simple steps for you to add into your morning routine that are total game changers!

1. The Warm Lemon

Sipping a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning is the most soothing and gentle way to wake your digestive system up.

Not only do lemons carry a number of necessary vitamins and minerals but they also help with removing unwanted toxins from your body. 

Lemons are fantastic for your skin as well making you glow with confidence, they are known to help with weight loss, and they will freshen up that morning breath. 

We recommend adding a slice of lemon to some warm water before you eat or drink anything else as a way to prepare your gut for breakfast (and coffee or tea).

Sip it slowly, and breath deeply!

2. Soulful Breakfast

You may have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you would have heard right! 

When you wake up in the morning, your body needs food as fuel in order to sustain you throughout the day. If you skip breakfast, you could deprive yourself of extra nutrients, a good memory and concentration for the day. 

Eating a wholesome, healthy and delicious breakfast is sure to set you up for a balanced mood throughout the day as well. 

When making your breakfast, opt for a fruit and granola bowl with some fresh yoghurt and a dash of honey.

For the cold wintery days, make some egg muffins in the oven or find a recipe to some delicious soaked oats. 

Here are three tips we have for you when preparing and nourishing your body at breakfast time:

  • Make your eating space a distraction-free zone, really take time to focus on enjoying your meal.
  • Chew your food properly.
  • Plan your meals ahead, to make your mornings that much easier.

3. Get Your Body Moving!

A walk, a run, a bunch of jumping jacks, a few rounds with your skipping rope, swimming or even dancing around for 20 minutes... whatever gets those buns into the groove and your heart pumping!

A morning workout is enough to hit the reset in your thought patterns, and also to get your blood flowing so that you are awake and ready for the day when you need to be. 

 Image taken from Unsplash


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