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Let's Keep Health Simple

Have you ever found yourself in a boiling pot of confusion when it comes to which health information to believe, or which way of eating you should follow? Don’t worry, you are not alone and we’re here to shed some light on this very real struggle. Remember it is actually meant to be so simple!

We have had many discussions with people about health, diets, concepts like clean eating, superfoods, protein, carbs, fats, minerals and intuitive eating. With many different viewpoints out there it is hard for a lot of us to really decide what to do with ourselves when it comes to our eating habits.

Do we follow this diet or that diet, should we eat carbs or shouldn’t we? Often we can work ourselves into such a crazy mindset that we forget the reasoning behind why we want to be healthy in the first place! 

Here are 3 simple things you can do to avoid the panic and move your mindset towards healthy eating at your own pace:

1. Choose To Keep It Simple

A lot of the time our understanding of food and what it means to be ‘healthy’ can be complicated by wrong information. Let's face it, the information we receive about what is good or bad comes through the clouded lens of marketing schemes, diet fads and trends. 

The best way to keep it simple is to discover your own unique body! Unlock what makes you healthy, energetic and focused. Remember that what works for you will not necessarily work for me.

2. Remember Why You’re Eating Healthy

The best way for you to keep it simple is to remember why you wanted to eat healthy in the first place.

When you keep your WHY in mind, it will be a lot easier for you to wade through the research, try new things and discover what will really work for your body! Once you’ve learned these signals your body sends you, it will become easier to manage how you eat. 

3. Keep It Real

A simple principle to live by is to simply eat real food.

We have found that with the crazy information and marketing complicating things for us so much we can forget the basics!

When we eat real food, and we are talking about veggies, fruit and food that has not been through insane levels of processing and preserving, our bodies absolutely thrive. 

Don't get caught up in wrong information, and food that has been processed until it is no longer real food. Stick to the basics, macros, micros and make sure you get all the nutrients and food groups into your system, and you'll probably find your health will turn around! 

Image taken by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


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