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Enjoy our free and paid online courses and resources so that you and your family can live life in full vitality.


Gain the tools and knowledge you need to unlock life in all areas.  


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Live your dynamic purpose

Founded on the simple idea that every person is unique, YOUnique Life was designed to equip people to love their uniqueness, nurture their overall vitality, and live in confidence and dynamic purpose.


What Do You Get?

In each of the three main platforms, you will find courses, resources, and practical tools to live in freedom. You'll find:

  • Practical tools and knowledge
  • Teaching videos
  • Activation activities 
  • Worksheets and PDF downloads
  • eBooks and resources
  • Online community and connection
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Choose Your Resource

Choose from one or more of the below platforms designed to help you live life fully alive in the different facets of life.

Healthy Life

Healthy Life is a series of self-study short courses to grow in knowledge and practical steps when it comes to health and wellness from the inside out. Click below to start living life in health, wellness, self-confidence and great purpose.  

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Spirit Life

Spirit Life is a platform designed for those who are hungry to hear the Lord with clarity. Choose from a selection of self-study short courses or the annual Mentorship journey. Prophetic training, discipleship and practical resources.

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"Chatting to you made me realize that had no idea of what it meant to love myself... I am having fun getting to really know my body, retraining my mind what a real treat is and experimenting with food as fuel for my body, not a comforter or a reward.” "

Ilke, SA

""I have been walking with the Lord for many years but this course has awakened me to hear God speaking in new ways, which has been so exciting and refreshing." "

Glenn, SA

"I hadn't felt comfortable in my own skin for a few years before I met Kerry. It hasn't always been easy for me to believe that I have extraordinary purpose either. With YOUnique Life and Spirit Life, I have been set free to believe and be all that I'm created to be. "

Kate, SA

""I was so blessed to be part of this course. Kerry's first-hand knowledge and experience in hearing God's voice was so inspiring!""

Cynthia, USA

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